Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013

D-66: NU'EST Fansigning

Wehey I dod something besides studying!
well whatever
Just went to the NU'EST Fansigning.
Luckily I got in~

Got my ticket with #88
and waited for quite some time
while waiting I took kinda lot pics hehe
all can be found HERE

they were really cute

Ren said he liked my hair kkkk
kinda same as his  though XD
ah and he really loves shoes ^^

Aron was really nice
fascinated about my major haha
He let me touch his wrist
and it IS very samll! only a little bigger than mine! @___@

Baekho told me I'm pretty

kinda ignored my question haha

JR was soooooooooooooo adorable! :3
his voice was extremely different
and he was just way to cute

Samstag, 28. September 2013

D-57: EXO Boy Who Cried Wolf Pop-Up Store

Met with Jenny today to go to EXO's Boy Who Cried Wolf Pop-Up Store in Sinsa-dong.

Since I'm NO Exotic I felt a little....out of place
but nevertheless I wanted to see it
since it's only open for a limited time -2 month- until the beginning of october.

Some freaky Japanese fans haha X'D

And a guy working there who actually knew my hometown *-*
I was amazed hihi

the outside
nice and green~

maaaaany polaroids all over the place kkk 

a class piture hihi 

some extras
so many cups *-*
and I like the song stairs ;) 

the locker room

the relaxing room 
they actually drew the puppets face hihi
so cute :)

expensive cloth
jenny actualy wanted to buy something BUT the missing article was a problem
with article we mean
THE / A Boy Who Cried Wolf

the strangest thing they were selling
EXO boxershorts ;DDD 

our meal:
Kai Lemon Ade & Lay Brownie
ouh the brownie was so tatsy :3
but so expensive Xx

the (expensive) menu

the table tennis table outside with the members signs 

Dienstag, 24. September 2013

D-54: The Traditional Tea House (Video)

Went to a traditional tea house with out professor today
really nice atmosphere~
BUT I don't like tea without sugar (not SUGA ;P)
but suga would be nice as well hihi
a WANTED poster on our way ~ 

the tea house 

the garden with lotus flowers ♥ 

menu card

I ordered Green Tea 

and that's how you make the tea

Rice Cake with Pumpkin 

some nut snacks 

Freitag, 20. September 2013

D-51: Bukchon (Traditional Part of the City)

Went to Bukchon
that's a part of Seoul where the houses are built in historical ways
ah they look so nice~ :3

This is one of the QR Code interactive shopping mall whatever mashienes
you just scan the Code with your mobile enter some numbers and they send the product to your home right away :D

Team A ♥ 

and Team B :3 

something about Goethe's 'Faust I' 

arrived at Bukchon
thei time there was an overwiev BEFORE the streets began

traditional stuff (is it a charm? X''D) 

traditional dragon tile 

the houses 

really nice dasigned doors~ 

the best rain drain I'v ever seen :)
bird shape kkkk

traditional small road with houses 

another door decoratment 

wooden door
with a modern letter box ;] 

view over the rooftops 

some more houses 

small pavillion 

a school in european style randomly popped up 

scroll to the right to see the panorama pics ;)
I put them in in original size so that you can see them better ^^

plants growing out of the roof :3 

small house inside 

and the proof shot!
even Korean students paint on their desks!
and they know pokemon!!!!!!!!! 

behind the european style school another scholl
or just another part 

this looks so funny if you know you're in korea haha

 here happened something funny:
we were sitting
suddenly a korean guy runs buy
sees us and stopps
talks to us in english
He: "Cant I talk to you for a minute?"
Us: "Sure" 
He: *looks anxious* "Bye"
runs off again

flowers!!!!!! ♥

more streets ^^ 

funny advertisement for glasses 

oh that is the inside of thh subway station 

and a picture of the Full Moon~ ♥